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Artificial Intelligence

Our team can count on experienced individuals known at academic level. We listen to customer needs by proposing effective and sustainable solutions.We make virtual assistants based on Large Language Models by customizing them according to customer requirements.Among the services we offer based on neural networks we include NeRF systems for 3D modeling, facial, object and text recognition systems.We also have experience in the field of audio analysis; with our technologies we can recognize sounds or words from a recording.Finally, we can apply data analysis and data mining methods to extract more value from the data at your disposal.

Virtual assistants

Thanks to the incredible capabilities of Large Language Models (LLMs), complex tasks can be delegated to artificial intelligence. Virtual assistants have never been so advanced.

3D modeling

State-of-the-art algorithms in the Neural Radiance Field (NeRF) family enable the generation of high-quality 3D models from images and videos.

Multimodal analysis

The analysis of images, sounds, and videos using neural networks makes it possible to extract high-value information from complex data.

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